Finishing and deburring metal is an essential process for any metalworking shop. With the right deburring machine, your team can quickly remove the burrs and rough edges from formed metal parts, driving more efficient and reliable finishing operations. If this is your first time buying or replacing a deburring machine, you might have some questions on making the right purchase. Read on to learn more about what key features you should look for when choosing a deburring machine for your shop.

1. Wet vs. Dry Deburring Machines

Metal finishing machines come in two variants: wet and dry. Both can effectively deburr metal parts—and can be used across other metalworking applications, too. Here’s a summary of the use cases for each type of machine:

Dry Metal Finishing Machines are ideal for:

  • Deburring Metal
  • Grinding
  • Polishing
  • Graining
  • Finishing
  • Brushing
  • Oxidation Removal

Wet Metal Finishing Machines are ideal for:

  • Deburring Metal
  • Slag Grinding
  • Calibrating/Dimensioning
  • Edge Radiusing
  • Paint/Surface Preparation
  • Finishing/Polishing for Combustible Metals

Not sure whether a wet or dry finishing machine is right for your shop? Then create a list of your common materials and metalworking processes to inform that decision. For example, if your team routinely finishes combustible metals like aluminum, it’s important to choose a wet metal finishing machine. Conversely, if you need to efficiently grind similar, non-combustible metals (like carbon steel), then a dry metal finishing may be the best fit.

You can also reach out to our experts at Apex for advice on choosing the right solution based on your unique needs.

2. Production Capabilities

The deburring process can vary dramatically depending on how your parts are machined and processed. For example, components created through laser or plasma cutting may have different finishing requirements compared to parts that are sheared, punched, or drilled. Do you only need the vertical burrs on parts removed—or every single outside and inside edge? Specifying your unique finishing needs will help you select the right solution.

Both dry and wet metal deburring machines come in different sizes and styles to accommodate your shop’s specific production requirements. When searching for a deburring machine, keep track of its series number and specifications. This will ensure that the machine you choose aligns with your unique production needs.

At Apex, we offer a variety of wet and dry deburring machines, which can be customized with different configurations and head types to match your needs. Generally, we class our deburring machines into three different series:

1000 Series Machines are constructed with a minimal footprint and flexible design to accommodate a range of job shops. These deburring tools for metal are perfect for shops with light to medium production requirements.

2000 Series Machines are built for heavier production requirements. These solutions work well across multiple shifts per day—and can deburr large quantities of metal parts with speed and precision.

3000 Series Machines are designed for the heaviest production requirements. These deburring tools for metal are built for multiple shift, seven-day-per-week operations—and can meet your largest deburring and finishing needs.

If your shop needs a dry finishing machine that can process both the top and bottom of parts in a single pass, then be sure to explore our Top/Bottom Dry Metal Brush Machine. This flexible tool processes every inch of your parts with 100% uniformity—and features rotating and oscillating sanding discs for highly efficient deburring operations. [a][b]

3. A Reliable Equipment Manufacturer

When you purchase a deburring solution, you aren’t just investing in the machine; you’re also investing in the people behind it. That’s why it’s so important to choose a dependable equipment manufacturer that will help keep that equipment running in peak condition. Here are a few qualities to look for in a great deburring machine manufacturer:

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