Apex Machine Group serves industries in metalworking, woodworking, plastics, and composites to help create efficiency and uniformity in their finishing processes. We distribute across the continent to corresponding industries helping them to achieve their ideal finish.

Wet and Dry Metal Machines

Our metalworking machines provide solutions for the following applications: deburring, graining, finishing, edge radiusing, oxide removal, grinding and dimensioning. Depending on the materials you process we have machines in either wet or dry configurations.

Wood Machines

Our wood machines provide solutions for the following applications; sanding, calibrating, white-wood sanding, cross-grain removal, veneer sanding, sealer sanding, brushing/denibbing, and distressing. Our fully equipped lab is available to run your sample parts and allows us to recommend the proper machine for your application.

Plastics and Composites

Our machines have the versatility to prep and/or finish both composites and plastic materials. Some of the applications that we can help you with are; denibbing, edge radiusing, eliminate flashing, surface preparation, and fine finishing. We are also able to custom-build a machine to meet your needs.

Dust Collectors

Our dust collectors are designed to filter the air by removing particulates from the air and exhausting them into a wet chamber. Doing this reduces the possibility of sparks catching fire in certain applications.

Wet Machine Vs. Dry Machine

When looking at purchasing a metalworking machine to do deburring or finishing or both, you need to determine whether the material(s) would be best if processed in a dry working machine or a wet working machine. The Wet and Dry machines are going to be performing the same process to the material(s) with the wet machine using a coolant mix that is dispersed onto the surface of the parts being processed.