Media Types

Wide Belt

Wide Belt is where abrasive media is glued onto either a paper or cloth backing. The media will come in different grit sizes with the larger grit being the most aggressive for removing material and would typically go onto a cloth backing for more support. The smaller the media the finer the finish as the scratch will be much shallower leaving a finer finish. The wide belt media grit sizes will start out on the coarse end being a 16 grit and goes up to a 600 grit for the finer finish. Typically the coarse grits will be on a cloth backing and the finer grits will be on a paper backing for the belts. This is usually always the case unless a wet sander is used then all the belts will have cloth backings.

Scotchbrite™ or Non-Woven abrasives

These are a synthetic weave material with aluminum oxide and silicon carbide impregnated grain.  These products can be used in a pad, disc, or belt form. The belts are made in both small and wide belt (1/4″ to 64″).  Applications are mainly found in the metalworking industry with some applications found in the woodworking industry as well, with surfaces being either curved or flat.

Wire Brush

Wire Brush is where a steel wire is either used in a straight drum style brush or can also be used in a disc style brush. The diameter of the steel wire can either be a thicker diameter wire to allow you to be more aggressive or a smaller or narrower diameter wire for lighter or less aggressive applications. The type of wire used can vary as well with stainless steel, bronze or mild steel being the most commonly used wire. The applications are mainly found in the metalworking, woodworking and plastics industries.

Abrasive Nylon Brush

This type of brush has a nylon bristle which is impregnated with abrasive materials. Typically the abrasive material is either aluminum oxide or silicon carbide. The diameter of the nylon bristle can either be a thicker diameter to allow you to be more aggressive or a narrower diameter for lighter or less aggressive applications. The length of bristle can also affect the agressiveness of the brush as well. Applications are mainly found in the metalworking and wood industries.

SlipCon Abrasive Strip Brush System

This is a patented strip abrasive that is found in many industries. The strip system allows the end user to change out abrasives by simply sliding out the abrasive strip that has a dovetail plastic strip that is part of the sanding strip. These strips can be made to have a very stiff backing for aggressive applications or can be made with a very light backing and a fine abrasive to allow for very light or fine sanding of parts. The strip can be used on very large drums or be put into discs and can be applied to an unlimited number of applications. There are over 2500 combinations of grit size and type as well as size and length of strip that can be used to best meet the application and meet the desired results. Most of the applications have been found mainly in the metalworking, woodworking, plastics and, composite industries.