Metal Applications

We specialize in the following metal applications for our metal wet sanding machines:

Graining / Finishing
Oxidation Removal

Fine Blanking

Fine Blanking is where metal forming combines both stamping and cold extrusion. These are then used together with triple- action presses equipped with specially designed tooling to produce parts that were not possible with older standard stamping methods.


Stamping is a process where metal is formed into parts by pressing or stamping sheet-metal with manufacturing processes of a stamping press, or punching the metal with a machine press. Each stroke of the press will either bend, emboss or punch holes in the metal to be processed. Several operations can be done by having a line of stamping presses in a row or changing tooling manually or automatically in the same stamping press performing multiple operations.


Shearing is done where straight blades are used to shear sheet metal in sheet or roll form to a desired width or length (trimming).


Calibrating is where materials are run through a machine and are either sanded or planed to remove material to bring the part to a desired thickness.

Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet Cutting is done where materials such as granite and stone are cut into shapes by using a very high pressure stream/jet mixture of water and an abrasive cutting mixture compound. Waterjet cutting is typically used when parts are sensitive to high temperatures generated by other methods commonly used to cut the materials mentioned above.