Metal Machines

Our metal working machines provide solutions for the following applications: deburring, graining, finishing, edge-radiusing, oxide removal, grinding and dimensioning. Depending on your materials to be processed, we have the following machines in either wet or dry configurations. Let us guide you to the ideal solution to best meet your needs.

Wet Metal Working Deburring and Grinding Machines

1000 Series Wet Metal Machines

2000 Series Wet Metal Machines

3000 Series Wet Metal Machines

*For information on wet dust collectors for these machines, please contact us.

Dry Metal Working Deburring and Grinding Machines

1000 Series Dry Metal Machines

2000 Series Dry Metal Machines

3000 Series Dry Metal Machines

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Brush Sanders

For information on machine configurations that include brush sanders, please contact us.

Wet Machine vs. Dry Machine

When looking at purchasing a metal working machine to do deburring or finishing or both, you need to determine whether the material(s) would be best if processed in a dry working machine or a wet working machine. The Wet and Dry machines are going to be performing the same process to the material(s) with the wet machine using a coolant mix that is dispersed onto the surface of the parts being processed.

Learn more about the difference between a wet and dry metal working machine