The 1000-series of machines are built in a heavy duty construction with a smaller footprint designed to accommodate the small to medium shop with various applications such as deburring, dross removal, calibrating/dimensioning, edge radiusing or finishing. This series of machine can be built in one to three heads and also in either top and bottom configurations.


  • Dual infeed and outfeed pinch rolls to ensure parts feed through machine properly
  • Single, double or triple head configurations with drum, brush or discs heads or a combination drum/brush/or disc heads
  • Spray headers on both sides of sanding area to keep parts cool and belts clean during operation
  • Individual adjustment down to .001″ per head for accurate finishing
  • Paper media filtration system with automatic media advance
  • Air-loaded cylinder for automated belt tensioning
  • Automatic abrasive belt tracking to ensure proper belt alignment during operation


Belt Width
13″ to 43″
Motor Size
5 HP to 30 HP
Number of Heads
1 to 4
Types of Heads Available
Drum, Scotch-Brite, Brush and Disc
Drum Size
120 mm to 280 mm
Machine Configuration
Top-Only, Bottom-Only, or Top/Bottom Configuration
Feed Motor
1 HP to 3 HP


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This video demonstrates a water-jet cut stainless steel part using an Apex Model 1375MW-DDDD wet metal finishing machine. This machine allows for deburr and edge radius of inside and outside profiles. This 4-head machine is equipped with four separate abrasive belt heads that allow for a #4 up to a mirror finish on stainless steel parts in a single pass.


This video demonstrates graining, cleanup and edge rounding of steel parts using an Apex Machine Group Model 1975MW-DDP Belt, Belt, Planetary Disc machine. This 3-head machine is equipped with two abrasive belt heads followed by a 3-station rotating abrasive disc station. It utilizes wet operation which minimizes dust and keeps thin parts cool as they are processed. An air-knife dryer with squeegee rolls on top and bottom at rear exit of machine dries the parts as they leave the machine.