The 2000-series of machines are built with heavier production requirements in mind. They are designed to handle such applications as calibrating, white-wood sanding, cross grain removal, veneer sanding, sealer sanding, brushing/denibbing, distressing, or a combination of these applications. This series of machine can be built in both top and bottom configurations.


  • Machines built in widths from 13″ to 52″ and multiple head frames
  • Dual infeed and outfeed pinch rolls to ensure parts feed through machine properly
  • One- to four-head configurations with drum, cutter head, brush, disc, or combination heads
  • Machines built in both top and bottom configurations
  • Individual cam adjustment down to .001″ per head for accurate sanding
  • Air-loaded cylinder for automated belt tensioning
  • Automatic abrasive belt tracking to ensure proper belt alignment during operation


Belt Size
Width: 13″ to 52″ Length: 60″ to 103″
Motor Size
7.5 HP to 50 HP
Number of Heads
1 to 4
Drum Size
100 mm to 280 mm
Drum Duro
35 to 90 Durometers Available
Feed Motor
1 HP to 5 HP


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