Machines for the wood industry include wide belt sanders with typical abrasive sanding belts, brush sanders with flexible sanding brushes or wire brushes and belt/brush machines in a variety of sizes and configurations.

Apex woodworking machines are designed for a variety of applications, including calibrating, finish sanding, brushing/denibbing and distressing. With a variety of sanding heads of abrasive belts, flexible sanding heads, wire and abrasive nylon brush heads.

Achieve a wide variety of finishes in a single pass on hardwoods, softwoods, plywood, engineered woods, we have the machines to assist with your production from start to finish.

Wood Applications


The sanding process removes the rough surface on a board’s face that is caused by mill marks. Scratches or uneven grain can be flattened by using an an abrasive wide belt sander. Sanding makes for a smoother surface prior to applying a finish resulting in an overall better end product. 


The calibrating process involves the removal of material or stock to get to a desired thickness. Wide belt sander configurations with cutterheads and hard contact drums are used for heavy stock removal, calibrating, cleaning up glued panels and quickly bringing parts to size with tight tolerances. Multiple heads in the sander allow for faster stock removal and complete control of the calibrating process.

Denibbing / Brushing

De-nib or brushing is done to remove loose wood fibers prior to stain for better, smoother finishes and higher product quality. Flexible sanding strips gently remove the sharp edges of flat and 3D parts to prepare parts for staining and finishing.

Machines can be configured to accomplish both “raw wood” / “whitewood” sanding and sealer / primer scuffing using the proper machine and abrasives for a flawless finish. Remove knife marks and chatter marks on lineal parts with the lineal brush sander with flexible sanding strips.

Finish Sanding

Machines with combination heads and veneer platens  are used for fine finish sanding. Machines with up to 4 sanding / finishing heads sand with progressively higher grits to prepare parts for the finish room.


The distressing process is the task of making a piece of furniture or item look aged by giving it a “weathered look”.  Automated feed through machines are used to efficiently distress wood and achieve a rustic distressed look in a variety of wood species. Clean-up and salvage old barnwood to create that perfect accent piece for a mantel, picture frames, flooring and more.