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The Apex of Metal Finishing Solutions

Apex Machine Group offers high-quality abrasive finishing solutions tailored to your unique materials and application needs.

metal deburringMetal Deburring

Deburring removes burrs or edges left on metal parts to ensure quality and consistency.

Edge Rounding

Edge rounding breaks the edge of metal parts to achieve a safe and uniform finish.

Slag Grinding

Slag grinding removes heavy slag, dross, and any excess metal form processed parts.

Precision Grinding

Precision grinding uses abrasive belts to grind metal parts to tight and specific tolerances.

Polishing & Finishing

Polishing and finishing enhances the surface of metal parts to optimize their strength and aesthetic.

Metal Graining

Metal graining removes surface defects from parts to create a smooth, uniform finish.

Our Machines

Apex offers a selection of machines and supplies for metalworking applications. These tools are built from the ground up to match your unique production needs, no matter how specific or demanding.


For Deburring, Edge Rounding, Finishing, Slag Grinding, & Calibrating

Apex Machine Group provides a range of dry metal machines to make your metalworking operations more efficient, safe, and dependable.

These machines support up to four working heads and can be customized with a combination of different abrasive belts, rotating brushes, and oscillating disks to suit your specific application.

From compact machines for small deburring projects to heavy-duty models for multiple shifts and large-scale production, Apex will guide you to the perfect solution for your metalworking process.


For Deburring, Edge Rounding, Finishing, Dross Removal, & Calibrating

Apex wet metal machines are built for power, efficiency, and unmatched versatility.

These solutions can be outfitted with a variety of working heads, belts, rotating brushes, and oscillating disks to match your unique application requirements.

Depending on the size of your metalworking operations and types of materials you process, we can provide the perfect wet metal machine to enhance your shop and workflows.


For Deburring, Grinding, Dross Removal, & Straight Grain Finishing

The Apex Metalworking EZ Sander is a cost-effective way to finally upgrade your deburring and finishing operations, moving away from time-consuming hand grinding. With just a quick change of the abrasive belt, this compact machine can remove slag/dross, grind vertical burrs, or straight grain finishing (including some mill scale removal).

The EZ Sander was developed to fit the needs of both small metalworking shops and large production facilities looking for an easy way to run small projects “off-line” from their main production flow.


Portable Dust Collection Systems for Industrial Metalworking

Apex dust collection systems are designed to remove particulates from the air during metalworking operations, exhausting them into a wet chamber to reduce the possibility of sparks catching fire in certain applications.

These portable systems are ideal across a range of industrial metalworking applications, with innovative features that enable easy access for cleaning, water level observation, overload protection, and more.


Abrasive Sanding Strips for Metals

Apex Machine Group produces innovative, custom sanding systems for metals in a variety of industries—including aerospace, food service, manufacturing, construction, energy/mining, agriculture, and more.

Apex offers thousands of combinations of designs, styles, and materials to suit your application, including aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, zirconia, ceramic, non-woven material, grit-impregnated nylon bristles, stainless steel wire, twisted wire, and straight wire.



What Our Customers Say About Us

The process is fast, very clean, and results are repeatable. It does a much better job than our old machine did and our consumables costs are down about 30 to 40 percent compared to what we were doing before.”

Gregg Winn
Owner of WBT

“We wanted to make sure that we got a quality piece of equipment. We didn’t want to walk into it and buy a piece of equipment that we were going to have a lot of problems with.”

Randy Smith
Production Process Engineer at Life Line