In the material handling industry, manufacturers work with parts of all sizes. In precision components especially, small or micro parts are often complex and require delicate processing. Not many equipment options are available for running smaller parts, and vacuum beds can be unreliable and expensive. At Apex Machine Group, we pride ourselves on our innovative conveyor solutions. We have processing capabilities for parts as small as 1″ x 1″. We offer a full line of high-quality, automated equipment to assist in your operation.

What Is Small Parts Automation?

Small parts automation leverages accurate, automated processes, such as material handling, assembly, welding, inspections, and more, for manufacturing small components rapidly and repeatably. Complex parts require high levels of precision, and implementing advanced technologies and programmable systems can help guarantee accuracy. Automating small parts handling enables manufacturers to produce high-volume runs of their products that wouldn’t be possible for employees to replicate manually.

Importance of Deburring in Small Parts

Deburring eliminates raised or rough edges on a metal component. It can also detach any unwanted metal material still clinging to the workpiece. Completing this process manually through either countersink or curved blade tooling is not optimally time-efficient or repeatable. Also, deburring by hand can leave inconsistencies in the surface finish of a component.

At Apex Machine Group, our automated approach to this issue is a conveyor belt option with a sticky surface. Parts adhere to the belt so that they won’t slip during processing, which, in turn, allows for a greater degree of consistency and precision.

Small Parts Processing Solutions at Apex

Deburring small components, in particular, necessitates careful processing to smooth raised edges without damaging parts. At Apex Machine Group, our uniquely designed conveyor belt enables us to utilize the same machinery for small and large components with a belt that is capable of securing small parts in place for processing. Then for cleaning, we use a scuffing device along with two 4″ dust ports on the outfeed side of the conveyor to remove debris from the belt. Our deburring machinery will allow you to work with parts as small as 3″ x 3″. The equipment’s use of automation allows for:

  • Improved efficiency in streamlined workflows
  • Increased productivity and processing speed
  • Product consistency
  • Reduced risk of employee injury or error
  • Compact machinery options

Contact Apex for Innovative Solutions

Consistent deburring and finishing processes on small parts that are especially difficult to grind by hand is a pain point that we at Apex Machine Group look to solve. Our company offers a specially designed conveyor for the safe and consistent handling of small parts that also keeps the belt clean of debris, a solution unmatched by our competitors. 

Our company has built a reputation since its founding in 2010 as a leader in the deburring market. We strive for innovation, listening to our customers to determine if there is a need that our equipment can help fulfill. Our commitment to innovative machinery for processing wood, metal, and plastic or composite components can lend our customers confidence for rapid, accurate, and repeatable operations. 

With a deep understanding of what technology will suit your application and budget, our team is here to assist you. Contact us today to learn more about our solutions for processing small parts.