What Is Edge Rounding?

Edge rounding, or edge radiusing, is a standard technique utilizing oscillating discs to eliminate any vertical burrs or scallops left on the surface edges of deburred metal components during processing. The discs are equipped with sanding strips that, when applied to the metal, will abrade away these sharp edges from a part’s perimeter or around holes. Typically, these raised edges are the result of cutting, stamping, milling, and punching operations on sheet metal. The rounding process can help manufacturers achieve uniform, rounded edges with a radius of up to 2 mm, with added safety and painting or coating benefits.

Why Is Edge Rounding Important?

Edge rounding offers more advantages than simply giving a metal component a defined shape or a more appealing aesthetic. This process is vital for several reasons, such as:

  • Safety. Safety is a key consideration for any workplace, and edge rounding to eliminate sharp metal edges can reduce the chance of injury for your employees as well as damage to your machinery. You otherwise risk abrasion, breakage, or part failure in operation, as well as harm to your labor force during assembly.
  • Coating and paint adhesion. By creating a smooth surface for bonding, coatings and paint will adhere better. Edge rounding also lessens the need for reapplying paint, as any sharp edges left behind on a metal surface can encourage peeling.
  • Part strength and durability. Coatings bond more easily with edge rounded metal parts, thus adding a protective layer that elevates the metal’s surface strength and durability. Depending on the coating, this protection can also extend to supporting heat resistance, electrical conductivity, and cryogenic stability. A fully coated metal part is highly resistant to several kinds of damage as well, such as abrasion, corrosion, and operational wear.
  • Cost-efficiency. Compared to manual processes, automated edge rounding can help you save on time, labor, and costs.
  • Food-safe processing. Edge rounding can address food safety requirements besides simply increasing coating quality. It lessens the risk of bacterial growth.

Edge Rounding Machines at Apex

We offer our customers a range of automated machines for dry and wet metal to assist with your edge rounding needs, regardless of complexity. Our efficient edge rounding equipment includes:

Apex machinery comes in widths from 13″ to 64″ and top, bottom, and top/bottom configurations with multi-head options. The oscillating discs on our equipment can generate an edge radius of as much as 2 mm for ideal coating and paint adhesion. Our dry equipment has the added benefit of offering multiple capabilities in one machine, including deburring, rust removal, and dimensioning in addition to edge rounding.

Get Started With Apex

Edge rounding helps ensure worker and equipment safety while increasing metal part durability. With automated solutions from Apex Machine Group, you can add efficiency and increase productivity in your operation. For help determining which machine is right for your unique application and your budget, contact us today. Our application specialists will be happy to assist you.