Founded in 2010, Apex Machine Group offers high-quality abrasive sanding machines and supplies for processing a variety of wood, metal and composite/plastic products. The company was formed as owners Jon Hill and John Becker combined their 45 years of experience to address the finishing needs of both the metal and wood markets. Centrally located in Minneapolis, MN, we are able to service our customers located throughout the United States and Canada.

After listening to customers and sensing a need in the market that their competitors weren’t offering, Jon and John set out to develop a machine that would combine abrasive belts and oscillating brushes into a single machine, performing multiple operations in a single pass. Since then, they have become a world leader in the metal deburring and finishing market.

Apex now offers a full line of machines that can support up to four working heads in order to achieve optimal results. With a combination of abrasive belts, oscillating discs, and rotating brushes, it is possible to grind, remove burr or slag, round edges and/or polish your product in a single pass. Machines are available in widths from 13” to 64” wide and come in a variety of configurations including top, bottom and top / bottom and can range from a single head unit up to four heads in either wet or dry operation and can process parts as small as 1” x 1”.

In addition to machine sales, Apex recognized a need in the market to offer high-quality abrasive brushes for our sanding discs. We wanted to ensure that our customers were able to achieve optimal sanding results, and our abrasive strips help them accomplish that.