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Grinding & Slag Removal

The metal processing industry often requires grinding and slag removal services to maintain compliance with health and safety rules and regulations. These services also help processing operations meet deadlines with minimal risk of failure and downtime. To meet our clients’ needs, the professionals at Apex Machine Group offer dependable grinding and slag removal solutions.

What Is Grinding & Slag Removal?

Slag is a specific type of sand that’s traditionally made from steel. It often forms as a coarse waste product resulting from deburring or smelting processes. To remove slag, metal processing facilities require grinding and slag removal.

Slag grinding processes efficiently remove all of the heavy slag produced using rotating brushes. These brushes rotate in the opposite direction of the sheet metal that operators feed into the system, causing the brushes to grind and sand down the metal material. For heavier accumulations, the machinery uses belts to clear the waster material. 

The key to effective slag removal is to use the right equipment. High-quality machinery will be able to handle all types of slag and efficiently remove it, keeping your facility safe and maintaining efficient operations.

How Does Slag Form?

Also known as dross, heavy slag is the result of flame cutting and plasma cutting of plate steel materials. Slag is frequently a byproduct of steelmaking and forming, with the buildup of slag occurring during the cutting process as impurities in the steel workpiece are separated from the molten metal.

Without the removal of this waste product, machinery parts are susceptible to degradation, which could eventually require costly replacement as the equipment begins to fail. Failure to effectively remove slag could also result in damage to surrounding equipment and output. Without proper slag removal, worker safety is compromised.

It’s important to remove slag before the metal has the chance to cool. Otherwise, the slag will solidify atop the steel and make it difficult to remove. Several methods can be used to remove slag, including:

  • Manual removal: Operators can use chipping hammers to remove the slag buildup by hand. This is the slowest and least efficient method.
  • Angle grinding: This method is faster than manual removal. However, angle grinders can be dangerous for the operator and they are not precise. They pose the risk of removing too much material from the workpiece.
  • Slag grinding: Our slag grinders are the most efficient means to remove slag accumulation. Specifically designed for this purpose, they quickly remove any amount of buildup in a single pass.

Grinding & Slag Removal Solutions at Apex Machine Group

If you require grinding and slag removal for your facility, Apex Machine Group offers one of the best solutions available. We carry top-quality equipment that can remove heavy slag with optimal efficiency. Depending on your facility’s specific needs, we will provide you with the right solution to get the job done. 

Apart from grinding and slag removal, Apex Machine Group’s metalworking machines offer many other solutions for a variety of applications. Our metal machines work with deburring, finishing, oxide removal, graining, dimensioning, and edge-radiusing. 

Our solutions also include multiple wood and composite/plastic machines to meet your specifications. Our wood machines provide solutions for calibrating, sanding, cross-grain removal, sealer sanding, distressing, and more, with custom options available.

Whether you need grinding and slag removal services or other solutions for your application, the experienced team at Apex Machine Group is here to help. To learn more about our solutions and product offerings, contact us today.

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