Apex Machine Group offers high-quality abrasive sanding machines and supplies for processing a variety of wood, metal and composite/plastic products. Standard machines are built for stock and may be used for common applications. Apex also offers machines which can be custom built to maximize your production needs; a machine for every application, every production level and every budget. Machines are available in widths from 13” to 64” wide and come in a variety of configurations including top, bottom and top / bottom and can range from a single head unit up to six heads in either wet or dry operation and can process parts as small as 1” x 1”. We specialize in applications for aerospace, food service, agriculture, medical, and sheet metal or job shops.

Apex supports a working R&D lab for processing samples to ensure your application requirements can be met. Please contact us to arrange for samples to be processed in our lab.

If you have questions regarding your applications and would like to speak to us directly, we welcome your inquiries.