The 2000-Series of machines are built with heavier production requirements in mind. They are designed to handle such applications as deburring, slag grinding, calibrating/dimensioning, edge radiusing, paint/surface preparation, finishing/polishing or a combination of these applications. This series of machine can be built in both top and bottom configurations.


  • Machines built in widths from 19″ to 52″ and multiple head frames
  • Dual infeed and outfeed pinch rolls to ensure parts feed through machine properly
  • One- to four-head configurations with drum, brush or combination drum/brush heads
  • Machines built in both top and bottom configurations
  • Individual cam adjustment down to .001″ per head for accurate finishing
  • Air-loaded cylinder for automated belt tensioning
  • Automatic abrasive belt tracking to ensure proper belt alignment during operation


Belt Width
19″ to 52″
Motor Size
10 HP to 50 HP
Number of Heads
1 to 4
Types of Heads Available
Drum, Scotch-Brite, Brush and Disc
Drum Size
100 mm to 280 mm
Machine Configuration
Top-Only, Bottom-Only, or Top/Bottom Configuration
Feed Motor
2 HP to 5 HP


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This video demonstrates metal deburring of a laser cut aluminum part on an Apex Machine Group Model 2037M-DS. This is a two-head machine equipped with an abrasive belt followed by rotating discs. This machine is perfect for deburring and edge rounding or edge radiusing of parts that have been laser cut.


This video demonstrates metal deburring, edge radiusing and finishing of a laser cut stainless steel part, all in a single pass. The Apex Machine Group Model 2052M-DSSD is a four-head machine equipped with an abrasive belt, followed by two stations of rotating discs, followed by an additional abrasive belt. This machine is perfect for deburring, edge rounding and finishing parts that have been laser cut, all in a single pass.


This video demonstrates deburring hot rolled steel plates with an Apex Machine Group Model 2037M-D 37″ single head slag grinder. This machine is designed to quickly grind plasma slag or laser dross and remove mill scale in a single pass.