Deburring Laser Cut Aluminum Part

This video demonstrates metal deburring of a laser cut aluminum part on an Apex Machine Group Model 2037M-DS. This is a two-head machine equipped with an abrasive belt followed by rotating discs. This machine is perfect for deburring and edge rounding or edge radiusing of parts that have been laser cut.

Wet Deburring and Edge Radiusing of Stainless Steel Drilled Holes Tube Sheet

This video shows a stainless steel part with drilled holes being processed on a wet metalworking machine. The Apex Model 2037MW-DSD is a 3-head abrasive belt / rotating disc / abrasive belt deburring and finishing machine. It will remove the burrs and give edge radius if desired on aluminum, stainless steel, copper, titanium, carbon steel and other ferrous and non-ferrous metal materials.

Polishing Stainless Steel Parts using an Apex Wet Metal Finishing Machine

This video demonstrates polishing stainless steel parts using an Apex Machine Group Model 2037MW-DDDD. This 4-head machine is equipped with four separate abrasive belt heads that allow for a #4 up to a mirror finish on stainless steel parts in a single pass.

Deburring, Edge Radiusing and Finishing of a Laser Cut Stainless Steel Part

This video demonstrates metal deburring, edge radiusing and finishing of a laser cut stainless steel part, all in a single pass. The Apex Machine Group Model 2052M-DSSD is a four-head machine equipped with an abrasive belt, followed by two stations of rotating discs, followed by an additional abrasive belt. This machine is perfect for deburring, edge rounding and finishing parts that have been laser cut, all in a single pass.

Deburring and Edge Radiusing of an Aluminum Part in a Single Pass

Up to 62″ wide edge radius / surface scuffing and de-burring machine processes the top and bottom surfaces in a single pass. Process interior and exterior profiles with 100% uniformity without destroying the surface

Deburring and Cleanup of Stainless Steel Plasma Cut Part Using a 37″ Wide Belt/Disc Machine in a Single Pass

Plasma slag removal, edge radius and de-burring of plasma cut stainless steel part. Smooth, rounded inside and outside edges and profiles. Part is prepared / ready for powder coating or painting.

Deburring and Slag Removal of  Hot Rolled Steel Plate

This video demonstrates deburring hot rolled steel plates with an Apex Machine Group Model 2037M-D 37″ single head slag grinder. This machine is designed to quickly grind plasma slag or laser dross and remove mill scale in a single pass.

Dross Removal and Edge Rounding of Plasma Cut Part

This video demonstrates removal of laser dross and edge rounding of a part cut from a plasma table. The Apex Model 2037M-DSSD is a four-head machine that performs grinding, edge radius, and finishing of this part, all in a single pass.

Apex Model TB-1600

Paint Prep, Deburring and Scuffing for Paint Adhesion Top and Bottom in a Single Pass Using an Apex Top/Bottom Machine

Deburr and Edge Radius of Small Parts

This video demonstrates deburring and edge radius of small parts using an Apex 13″ wide belt / disc machine. This machine is equipped with a sticky conveyor belt and belt cleaning system that allows parts as small as 3″ x 3″ to be processed.

Apex Model 1037M-DS; maintains the integrity of the finish under the PVC Coating

Sheet Metal Deburring of Laser Cut Holes and Cutouts With PVC Coating In Place